Kamis, 12 Februari 2009


Just stop by in my beloved daughter "Pinkan" blog , and got tag from her :)

15 Random Things About Me That You Should Know:

* I am a typical Virgo woman very critical and picky and tend to work too hard

* I always combine logic and intuition in dealing with life in general

* I am NOT really a nice person *people always think and say that about me in our first meeting.. some of them call me “ jutek” ^_^

* I consider MYSELF as open minded *i guessed ^_^

* I CAN easily forgive but i'll NEVER forget ‘ from few experience I feel that' :(

* I LOVE BOOKs, MUSICs, and MOVIEs of course

* I have lots of BAD habit and also GUILTY pleasure

* I like to be known as a nice woman than being known as a charming or beautiful woman but can make other bored :)

* I think I’m a loyal person, truthful, determined and straight thinker. … That’s why my friend love to have a friendship with me ^_^

* I LOVE color which get close to nature “ wear earthy browns “

* I feel that my weakness are restless, nervous and worried, dogmatic, cranky and irritable, and at times, too critical

* I LOVE to cook & baking for my family ‘ like health food in general’

* I love spicy food … I can’t eat without chili …’my family said a hot sambal can remind them to me (ME = chili/ sambal) :)

* I love flower , but my favorite such as melati , rose, anggrek , sedap malam “ I’m typical romantic woman I guest “ ;)

* I LOVE and care my family so much, especially my mom , my daughter & my husband ..‘When I’m at home, I enjoys being the head of household’

Ok than, i'll tag Yunnie in Florida http://yunniejournal.blogspot.com/, Uni Honest http://ikobana.blogspot.com/, Umi gembul http://alifbaihaqi.blogspot.com/ , ibu tiri "Nila" http://amaranthdakitchen.blogspot.com/ , the sexy chef "Nilam" http://feliskitchen.blogspot.com/ , the talented chef " Efi" http://coba2koe.blogspot.com/, and all FM & everyone who already read it..

So have a a great day my friend .... :)

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